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If you've never understood the appeal of the best videogames, you will after seeing Avatar. It raises the bar for all future movies that employ CGI special effects with a seamless interaction of computer animation and live action sequences. And the 3D experience is quite exciting for a visually stunning film like this. Usually I don't care for political messages in entertainment films, but James Cameron manages to make a wry and witty statement about the global political and technological turmoil we are all feeling. This film will make more than $1 Billion in worldwide Box was worth my $13 (x2—Jack loved it!).

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The Road

I know from personal experience that a very weird thing happens when you send a book out to Hollywood. They look for screenwriters that will offer their "take" on your story. Very often this "take" has little to do with your book. At any rate, I find this procedure to be unbearably strange, especially since many of these screenwriters wouldn't be capable of writing and publishing a novel, and have mostly created failed movies as well. All of which is a long-winded way of saying that the screenwriter for The Road offered his "take" on Cormac McCarthy's stunningly good novel. The result certainly isn't an embarrassment but it isn't the book, either. Like the book however, it is rather dismal.

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Did You Hear About the Morgans?

I like Hugh Grant. I like Sarah Jessica Parker. I like romantic comedies. I didn't particularly like Hugh Grant and Sarah Jessica Parker in this romantic comedy. Could have been fun, fell flat.

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