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Daddy's Little Girls

I like Tyler Perry's movies very much. They're always a little clunky, but there's a powerful idea driving every one of them.

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An acting tour de force for Peter O'Toole. It's slow, sad and funny in a melancholy way.

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The Astronaut Farmer

I liked this quite a lot. I could have probably been happier if it was a few minutes shorter, but it was a difficult story to tell and I think they succeeded very well. Maybe it could have been called Astro-Nut Farmer, though.

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Seraphim Falls

This movie has a classic western theme—it's a vengeance—fueled chase. Visually authentic—even the two Irish actors as "cowboys" pass muster—but it's an awfully slow trip to an expected ending. Nice cameo by Angie Harmon who, if the rumors are true, will play Detective Lindsay Boxer in the ABC TV pilot for the Women's Murder Club.

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