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Bridge of Spies

Smart, tense, well-acted story covering the Francis Gary Powers/Rudolf Abel spy trade. A-

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The Last Witch Hunter

Here's the studio pitch—"We got Vin Diesel." I have nothing against Vin Diesel, but— D

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Rock the Kasbah

Love Bill Murray. Love Barry Levinson. Didn't love this movie. C-

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Steve Jobs

The 700+ pages of Walter Isaacson's biography on Jobs seemed to fly in comparison with this 122 minute film. Maybe that's what happens when a talented, but crazy screenwriter tries to tell the story of a talented, but crazy marketer-provacateur. B

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A little surprising. I left the theater feeling that in the case of Dan Rather and Mary Mapes versus George W. Bush—the end did not justify the means. B-

Our Brand Is Crisis

A serious subject for a movie—but not handled very well. Sandra Bullock was very good in the lead. C-

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