Connor R.

Lowville, New York

Where to start when discussing books written by your favorite author? I could start with my favorite series, maybe the one I have bought many copies of due to loaning other copies out, or maybe it's the mystery books that have me captivated in their intricately woven web of deception. But I know I cannot talk about any of the other books as well as I can talk about my favorite book, When The Wind Blows. This book is the greatest of all time (of course excluding the Holy Books which are vital to the foundation of society).

When the Wind Blows is amazing in many ways; it's amazing for its characterization, its awe-inspiring imagery, and the way it makes me feel. I enjoy reading the book so much that that is how I start off each summer. It isn't summer until I pick up my battered, old copy of When the Wind Blows and start reading. This tradition started when I was 13 and I still readily pick the book up now and I'm going on 18 in April.

The book talks of the horrors that arise from "playing God" and doing biological experiments. The atrocities that arise from the radical groups of scientists that experiment on humans and animals are scary; although, Max was not an atrocity but a blessing. She truly was an angel; with her positive outlook and the ways she tried to help people and her friends.

Doing biological experiments is fundamental in helping people and should be continued in order to advance ways to help people and animals worldwide. Stem cell research could save millions. This research is vital to helping people like my grandfather, who has bladder cancer. With stem cells he could potentially regrow a new bladder even though his is to be removed shortly. There would be many benefits to having this advanced research take place because America needs the best kind of help that can be offered.

This science and research field has always drawn me; although, I never wanted to live in a laboratory. This got me to look at other fields closely related to the science field and I eventually found it. Like Max and Frannie, I wanted to help others, Max looks out for everyone and Frannie looks out for animals. I would like to look after people and by becoming a physical Therapist. Physical Therapy involves a lot of science but it would also be a great job due to the fact that I want to help people overcome obstacles such as hip replacements and accidents. I am a very gregarious person who is motivated by the joys that are brought about through helping others.

When the Wind Blows is a truly perfect story with many twists and turns which in a way reflects life. Life never goes according to plan it will always be a mystery. Max, Frannie, and Kit are inspirations and I hope to live life the same way they do.